Security Guard Services

"The Key to Your Peace-of-Mind"

Guardsman Security photo of two guysGuardsman Security & Investigation, Inc. has provided uniformed guard and mobile patrol services to central Missouri since 1986. In that time we have broadened our coverage throughout the state and have established a solid clientele base allowing a variety of services to meet all your security needs. We strive to devise an efficient, effective security plan tailored to your company’s specifications with your company’s budget in mind.

Guardsman Security & Investigation, Inc. offers both a Uniformed Division and Mobile Patrol Divison providing security services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to encompass the needs of our diverse clientele including:

  • Major Industrial Facilities
  • Government Entities
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Centers
  • Private Merchants
  • Department Stores
  • Hotels
  • Park Departments
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Office Complexes
  • Construction Sites
  • Fast Food Locations


Guardsman Security - uniform photoMany of our Security Officers are current or retired police and military professionals with years of experience and extensive training offering our clients professional security services to accommodate their unique security needs. Our professionally attired Officers are sharply outfitted in police-style uniforms for most assignments with blazer-clad Officers also available. Our Special Events Unit offers casually outfitted Officers with company identified polo-shirts or emblemed t-shirts depending on the precise nature of the event. Whatever your specific needs, Guardsman Security & Investigation, Inc. has you covered.

The armed or unarmed Officers of the Uniform Division are trained in many areas including Industrial, Commercial & Residential access control, Crisis Management, Labor Disputes and Loss Prevention. Our experienced Officers are also equipped to provide bank and jewelry escorts.

Our Special Events Unit offers services on demand with crowd control, access control, VIP protection and escort services, as well as residential services for those times of vulnerability such as vacations and loss in the family.

We are honored to provide services to America’s largest retailer and Central Missouri’s largest industrial and commercial employers.

Guardsman Security’s Scope of Services Provides All Clients

  • Guardsman Security Scope of Services photoQualified security officers during the client specified hours
  • Experienced mobile field inspectors to regularly inspect the client’s site, supervise site staff and conduct routine and surprise inspections of all officers
  • Availability of an on-site first-line supervisor for those sites with more-than-one man shifts
  • Office support for scheduling personnel and advisory needs
  • Police/Sheriff liaison for the serviced location for any serious site relations resulting from arrests or criminal incidents occurring on the client’s property
  • Carefully maintained log books, incident reports and other documents or records as required by the client’s needs


Guardsman Security’s Mobile Patrol service offers a unique form of deterrence by providing an on going presence with a minimal impact on your company’s security budget.

Our Patrol Officers are also sharply outfitted in police-style uniforms and our patrol vehicles are professionally marked with complete lighting capabilities. The sheer presence of a Patrol unit serves to deter suspicious activity. This in conjuction with mobile communication equipment and established police communications is an undeniable asset to any facility or merchant. Plainclothes Officers in unmarked vehicles are also available for those situations requiring confidentiality.

Mobile Patrol services are offered 7 days a week, typically 8pm until 4am but special accommodations may be arranged according to the client’s needs.

Guardsman Security Patrol DivisionNightly Patrols
These may be scheduled as few as one per evening or as many as the client requests.

Lock Up
This service is ideal for parks departments or facilities with exterior buildings or satellite offices. Keys are provided by the client with the desired lock up times. This is normally scheduled in accordance with a nightly patrol stop.

Emergency Response
One of the many benefits of Mobile Patrol is having immediate access to a Security Officer in the event of an emergency. With mobile communications provided to every Patrol Officer and established police communications, the client can depend on an immediate response to any emergency situation.

Crowd Dispersal
This service is especially helpful for shopping centers, office complexes or any facility with parking areas. Our Patrol Officers will clear your property and lot of any individuals loitering or groups gathering throughout the duration of nightly patrol.

Transport Services are also available through the Patrol Division. Guardsman Security & Investigation, Inc. supplies transport services to many state, county and city entities as well as to privately operated facilities. Transport duties are assigned to Commissioned Officers allowing either armed or unarmed transfers depending on the client’s specific request. Our Transport Service vehicles are clean, reliable and fully insured for the safety of the individual and our employees. Safety being our number one concern.