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General Investigative Services
Workplace Issues
Legal Investigative Services
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Guardsman Security & Investigation, Inc. is a trustworthy and reputable company committed to providing a staff of highly skilled, professional private investigators composed of active and retired police officers, military personnel and government agents.

Specializing In:

Workman's Compensation
Background Investigations
Criminal History Records
Domestic And Divorce Issues
Motor Vehicle Information Searches
Pre-Employment Screening and Reference Research
Workplace Violence Issues
Credit History Research and Investigation
Civil and Legal Information Gathering
Witness Statements
Fraud and Theft Investigation

General Investigative Services

Credible evidence is essential to the success of any investigation. You can count on the conscientious services of Guardsman Security & Investigation, Inc. to provide accurate, detailed information including video surveillance, custom reports, or court testimony to aid your cause. Our comprehensive services are always held in the strictest of confidence and we ensure all evidence to be genuine and precise. Our general investigative services are ideal for individuals or companies needing quick facts for a low fee. Landlords, rental agents or attorneys utilize these services for on the spot credit checks, reference verification and personal history information. Terms for these services may be established with either a one-time
user fee or discounted rates for on-going services. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

Workplace Issues

Today's business environment demands risk management in every aspect of the workplace. Guardsman Security & Investigation, Inc. provides employee risk reduction with our pre-employment screening and reference research services. We can also empower employers to combat the growing concern of workplace violence reflected in newspaper headlines everywhere. Guardsman Security & Investigation, Inc. equips your company with the knowledge to confront this issue head-on with the information needed to better evaluate applicants and to address workplace security issues.

Workman's Compensation Issues bombard businesses with decreased production, skyrocketing insurance rates and time loss. Guardsman Security's staff of highly motivated investigators can reduce illegitimate claims, deter employee fraud and recoup company loss through our comprehensive and precise investigations, providing your company with complete evidence and documentation you can bank on! Guardsman Security & Investigation, Inc. also understands the protection of your company information, property and trade secrets is essential to daily operation. In the age of information superhighways, it is essential to minimize your company's risk. Guardsman Security & Investigation, Inc. specializes in extensive background investigations to companies who may be faced with this challenge. Our corporate and industrial investigative services are available as needed or may be incorporated into a comprehensive security plan. A No-Fee consultation is always available.

Legal Investigative Services

Guardsman Security & Investigation, Inc. is your resource for domestic and divorce issues, civil and legal information gathering, fraud and theft investigation, witness statements, medical claims investigation, motor vehicle information searches, background investigations and surveillance of any kind. These valuable tools enable our clients to substantiate any case with definitive evidence, precise documentation and trustworthy testimony. Who has time for door knocking and pavement pounding? In today's busy world Guardsman Security & Investigation, Inc. is there for you!